Sweetheart Molly!



Meet Molly and Andy! They came in as a walk in and Andy, Molly’s owner started to inform the front desk rep that other pet friendly hotels were scared of Molly and said that she was too big to stay on their properties. Then the Plantation Suites’ front desk rep asked Andy with compassion and no fear “What kind of dog is Molly?” She is an English Mastiff with the biggest heart.

They enjoyed their stay at Plantations Suites and as they were checking out Andy shared that he had lost his beloved wife last year and he now has Molly. She has not only been an encouragement and blessing to Andy but to many other guests at Plantation Suites. They enjoyed meeting her because she is a sweet heart and social butterfly but really a social dog! If you are a pet lover, you can understand the truth behind the statement, “a dog is a man’s best friend”. Andy said that his first night with us was amazing and that they will be returning to stay with us again!!

Thank you Andy and Molly for stay with us and for sharing your heart. We were happy to have you and we look forward to your next stay with us.


Plantation Suites Port Aransas Hotel Management

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