A “Thank You” Isn’t Necessary

The hotel business is interesting because it takes a lot of “invisible” people to make it work. Like most businesses in the service industry, all the work is done behind the scenes and what’s seen by the guest is the final product. Therefore, we do not expect guests to say “thank you” because we are happy to do it whether it’s acknowledged or not. We truly want our guests to have the best experience possible at our hotel especially since it’s many of our guests’ home away from home. However, it is so wonderfully encouraging when the hard work is acknowledged, like in this email we got from one of our lovely guests:

“Thank you so much for everything the Staybridge Team has done to make this event a success. As you may know, hotel accommodations play a major part in the attitude of the team which contributes to how well they perform. Your attention to the little details and concern has not gone unnoticed. “-Rose

Thank you, Rose, for brightening the staff’s day at Staybridge Suites.

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