“Our minds were still curious if “bankie” would end up in a trash can in Las Cruces…”

We received an email from our guest Ricky, a Colonel in the Air Force. He was traveling with his family and they chose the Staybridge Suites Las Cruces, New Mexico, as their hotel destination. They had a great stay, but upon their departure a very devastating thing happened. Here is the story in Ricky’s own words:

“We had a fabulous stay to include both dinner and breakfast for my family which was complimentary on you guys.  Your front staff was extremely friendly which always sets the tone for your establishment.  We checked out on Thursday morning and headed home to San Antonio.  Just on the other side of El Paso our 3 year old son asked where was his blanket (“bankie” in his words). We quickly realized it was left in the room, and already 100 miles down the road there was no option to go back.  My wife called the hotel to ask if there were any options or could anyone help us out.  My wife spoke with Ms. Melissa Ochoa who was unbelievably helpful, and being a mother herself understood the importance of a small blanket for a 3 year old.  She stated “I will take a look and send it to your address…if you don’t hear from us, that means we found it and will be on its way.”  We both had a sigh of relief, yet in the back of our minds were still curious if “bankie” wouldn’t end up in a trash can in Las Cruces as his final resting place.  I had no idea the impact it would have on my son as he spent the next 2 nights having a hard time sleeping.  Low and behold, “bankie” made his appearance on our doorstep 2 days after our departure, and to the extreme excitement of my son.  My son has slept through the night every night since.”

The whole family was so appreciative of Melissa and her kindness and the speed to which she sent the blanket. Ricky said, “She was amazing from the time my wife called until the time “bankie” showed up, and she didn’t stop there.  Included in the package was a personal note from Ms. Melissa Ochoa stating “I”M HOME =)” which dearly touched my son.”

Seeing this email brought tears to Melissa’s eyes. Later, she stated, “I know that my children can’t sleep without their blankies, so I didn’t even think twice about finding and sending it. I just knew we needed to get this blankie home to the boy ASAP.”

Thank you, Melissa, for going above and beyond in customer service. We are grateful to have you as part of our Staybridge team!

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