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Sales Management Takes Hold in Dearborn

“It’s amazing sometimes what happens when you ask for the business!” according to Patrick Hilchey, Corporate Director of Marketing for Lodging Host Hotel Corp. This remark was made recently by him when discussing the room revenue results at the Adoba Dearborn Hotel that the company took over management of on November 1st, 2014.

Lodging Host named Paul Banigan, GM of the hotel, taking over his new position on December 1st. Mr. Hilchey promoted George Nowsch, In the Adoba Sales Office to be Director of Sales for the hotel in early December. The stunning results of the reorganization of the Sales effort resulted in “Room Revenues in January 2015 up over 25% from both January 2014 or January 2013.” according to Patrick.

This is a trend that should continue into the future according to Mr. Nowsch. “Trisha Alexander, one of our top Sales Managers for many years, just this week booked a piece of business that should put $10 Million dollars in rooms business in this hotel over the next 3 years. That is as much rooms business as the hotel did in all of 2014.”

Good luck to the team in Dearborn!

Plantation Suites and Conference Center Sells

Kevin P Hilchey, President of Lodging Host Hotel Corporation, announced today that the Plantation Suites and Conference Center sold on February 13th. “Whoever said that nothing good happens on Friday the 13th?” quipped Mr. Hilchey.

Lodging Host operated the property for Aransas Suites Hotel Ltd. since 1999. Originally opened with the assistance of Lodging Host in 1997, the Limited Partnership later hired Lodging Host to be the day-by-day management company two years later.

The property had been a integral part of the community of Port Aransas over the years. It hosted many of the island’s events over its 18 year history. The most noted recent event was “Mustang Fest”. Port Aransas is on Mustang Island and for the last 8 years has hosted a rally of Ford Mustang automobiles that start their trek to Mustang Island from Mustang, CO picking up auto enthusiasts along the way. Over the years the event outgrew the hotel filling most of the available rooms on the Island but the hotel remained the sign in point for the event and a favorite overnight of the early adopters.

We wish the new ownership much continued success. Harry Collins, GM of the hotel, stayed on with the new ownership so you’ll still see familiar faces when frequenting the hotel.

Lodging Host Takes over Management of Ex-Hyatt Dearborn

Kevin Hilchey announced recently that Lodging Host Hotel Corp assumed the management of the Ex-Hyatt Dearborn Michigan on November 1, 2014.  The hotel currently known as the Adoba Hotel Dearborn is located adjacent to the Fairlane Town Center Mall in Dearborn.  The hotel has 772 guest rooms in 16 stories and 63,000 square feet of function space.  This makes the hotel the second largest hotel in Michigan and the largest function space outside of the City of Detroit Convention Center.

“I can tell you I thought that Ford was big in Texas, our home, but as I look out the back window of the hotel at Ford Motor Company’s world headquarters, Ford is big in Dearborn, Michigan” Kevin Hilchey, President of Lodging Host remarked on a recent visit to the hotel. “When I look then to the left I see the headquarters of The American Automobile Association (better know as “Triple A” or AAA) and I know that this is a town that the auto industry built.”

Patrick Hilchey, Corporate Director of Marketing for Lodging Host remarked “There is no doubt that this is a turnaround project.  The city of Detroit and the Auto industry in general took a big hit in the economic downturn.  But like Ford and the city of Dearborn, this hotel survived, avoided bankruptcy and is now poised to make a rebound.  The economy here is making a comeback, unemployment is falling and we are looking forward to the bright future of this iconic hotel.”

When asked about Lodging Host assuming such a large project Janet Glynn, Regional Director for Lodging Host replied “Take a representative from each of the top 50 Independent Management Companies in the country, put them in a room and ask who has operated a hotel this size and one or two people might raise their hand. Our largest hotel to date was a 365 room hotel at the airport in Atlanta with 18,000 square feet of function space so this surely passes that.  We have extensive experience in Food and Beverage operation in our history.”



Wedding Bells

On Saturday, October 18, 2014 two of our staff members got hitched! Crissy Como, Chief Executive House Keeping, and Ryan Edward, Chief Executive Maintenance, were married here at The Plantation Suites & Conference Center. The intimate ceremony was followed by a reception in our conference room where close friends and family all gathered to celebrate the happy new couple!  Congratulation you two!



Fall Fishing 2014

According to the October fishing reports, there have been a lot of big catches this fall! It was reported that vessels out of Deep Sea Headquarters caught about 105 blackfin tuna on a 12hr. trip. Another vessel caught an 8ft, 200lbs, spinner shark while fishing aboard the Dolphin Express. People fishing the local piers have been bringing in whiting, flounder, and trout. The fishing reports further state that the minor cold fronts moving in will get the redfish moving about.  The people in Port A. are pretty excited about the abundance of fish this fall. Come join fun!




Unfortunately, the Mustang Fest did things a little differently this year. Do to location and scheduling changes the Mustang drivers could not stay with us. However, there were some who refused to stay anywhere else and drove the extra miles to Plantation Suites & Conference Center. They told us that they have been part of Mustang Fest since before 2012 and have stayed here every time. This year was no exception. All the driver’s agreed that they “loved it here.” They said the drive was worth it to stay in a place where they know they will get the best service.

Well, we LOVED having them this weekend! They are always so friendly. They even let some of us sit in their awesome rides. Till next year, Mustang Fest!!

Mustang 4 Mustang 3 Luis Bustro



Recently, a guest left behind “Dolly.” We have been trying to get in contact with the owners but have not been successful. We want her parents to know she is having a good time here until they return to claim her! Our staff took it upon themselves to make sure she has a fantastical vacation.

  • Helping check guest in at the front desk
  • Helping maintenance with some work orders
  • Eating a hamburger at our evening social
  • Hanging out in the massage chair
  • Laying out by the pool

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They say that New Orleans is the home of hospitality, but they hold no candle to Marshall!

We had a boys baseball team stay with us this past month. There was a lot of activity in the hotel with all the boys around and about! Upon their departure they left this us a note. Here is snippet of what it said:

 “I want to express my gratitude to you and your staff for an absolute wonderful stay. The staff, rooms and service was perfect. Everyone in Marshall Texas has been so nice to me and my family they say that New Orleans is the home of hospitality, but they hold no candle to Marshall! They (hotel staff) touched us most with their outstanding service and most importantly, their PASSION for their work duties.” –  Sincerely,Brad H.

Thank you for staying at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites Marshall, TX! We had so much fun while they were here!


Kind Words

One of our guest took the time to review and give us some feedback!  He left us these kind words on IHG:

“I stayed at the Holiday Express in Silver City on 7 & 8th, August.. As usual the friendly staff greeted me like a family. The renovation looks great and the room was fantastic. The management and the staff are the best in New Mexico. I stay a lot of places in New Mexico; however, I try to stay here, even if I have to travel a little more. They are great and very professional. Thank You.” – Moabed (IHG Rewards Card Gold Elite)

We are so lucky to have such a gracious guest. Thank you, Moabed, for staying with us!


Lifelong Friends

In the spirit of National Family Fun month, here is a story of how two families became great friends at Plantation Suites & Conference Center.

Laura and her family have been coming to to Plantation Suites & Conference Center for years. One summer, about 5 years ago, they met Karen and her family. Both of the families enjoyed spending time together at the pool and chatting. Their children also hit it off! They didn’t exchange phone numbers; however, when Laura and her family came back the following year Karen was there with her family!

Laura commented and said, “Now we have lifelong family friends. Thank you, Plantation Suites and Karen.”

Karen also commented and replied, “We are very thankful for meeting our new long life friends here. Love plantation suites and our new ‘family.’”

It’s neat to watch how people come together here at Plantation Suites & Conference Center. The family environment radiates community, and we are so thankful that people can enjoy the hotel and everyone here. Thank you, Laura and Karen, for sharing your story with us!